Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Time For Some "Home Interior" NOT!!!

Odie and Kelly Jo have been gathering ideas and material for this moment for a long time. They have also been working with friends trying to pull all of this specific theme together. It is very rewarding for them to be closing in on the finished product.

All the pictures hanging in the house were taken by people we know. The pictures you will see were taken by Shavona Deane, Ron Conner and Odie took one too! We think that is a really neat aspect of the decor. We personally know the photographers.

These two are by Shavona

Shavona Deane

Shavona Deane

Coat closet

Closet in the 2nd bedroom

This is the master closet/safe room. 

I am sure we will add and change the closets as we find out exactly what Odie needs in order to function, but this works for now. It is difficult to know what is best for Odie without some trial and error. Keep in mind she has been living in and RV the last 16 years!

Odie has 120" of hanging space in this closet which is about three times the amount the whole family uses in the bus. Plus she has 72" of hanging space in the closet of bedroom number 2. She should be able to muddle through and get by.

This is her storm bed/chair combined with some very nice storage.

We have more storage in the closet because we hope to eliminate the need for dressers in the bedroom. We want Odie to have plenty of room to move through the rooms with her wheelchair. Dressers along the walls in her room give her more targets. The less targets the better!

There are only two pieces of unpainted wood in the whole house. Odie wanted all the wood to be simple and white to enhance the beach cottage theme. She made two exceptions and they are both in the master bath. I installed them Friday.

The first on is a small vertical board with boat cleat hooks next to her shower entrance. This will serve as a hook for towels and clothes.

The second unpainted board is installed behind the commode and next to the sink counter. It has has five decorative and useful hooks.

The two boards have an interesting story and that is why we incorporated them into the house decor. One of these boards came from my grandparents log cabin house in Kentucky and the other came from my Grandpa's barn. They are rough cut lumber with the saw marks clearly visible and the nail holes exposed. 

Grandpa Godfrey Isaacs died in 1985 a few months before Odie was born. Grandma Bessie Isaacs died when Odie was two. We have no way of knowing when the piece of wood was added to their house, but the original house was built in 1937. That makes the wood very special in our eyes.

Kelly Jo applied a coat of oil modified polyurethane to make the boards a little smoother, but I doubt they need any protection from moisture. They have been on the outside of the house and barn for decades. Pretty cool.

In the picture above you saw the grab bars in the master bath. The small bath got one too. I had blocked for all of these in the framing stage.

It is beginning to take shape although it is a fluid process and I am already seeing things in different places even after I take pictures. This is what it looked like Sunday night.

Ron Conner picture below

Ron Conner

Odie's camera system.

Odie took this one in the Bahamas

Ron Conner

How do you like that? Odie likes it. Kelly Jo likes it. That makes me love it!

Odie has a few more great pictures to hang, but she does not want the walls to look cluttered. She and Kelly Jo are searching for the right places and may switch some of them out from time to time.

Thank you for dropping by today.


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