Thursday, August 30, 2018

A Visit With Special Friends

I had something prepared to write about today, but it will hold a while. We had special friends come to visit and I want to tell you about them. 

We met Herman and Margaret on July 6, 1985 in Crossville, Tennessee at Coleman Looper's Gospel Barn. We were there with the Isaacs and they were there as part of the Easons. We met them that Saturday night and loved them from the first moment.

Over the next couple of years we were able to become more acquainted with the Woods family. They sang in our area and Bro. Herman preached a great revival in our home church at the time. The more we were around them, the more we loved them.

In June of 1988 we drove to Tennessee for Homecoming at Beechfork Holiness Church where Bro. Herman was Pastor. He asked me to preach that day and our deep abiding friendship began with that wonderful group of people. 

We have been to their church every year since then and only missed two years of preaching revival there. We have spent dozens and dozens of nights in Herman and Margaret's home and eaten many wonderful meals at their table.

Through the years they became spiritual mentors to us and we are much the better for it. I am safe in saying that Bro. Herman has been my number one encourager in the field of evangelism. He always told me I was an evangelist and had something for the church, even when I was not sure at all. He and Sis. Margaret have pushed us to walk by faith, preach the Word, sing from our heart and trust God for the result.

As I look back over major events in our lives the last 33 years, Herman and Margaret were never far away. They have helped us celebrate good times and have prayed with us, cried with us and encouraged us in not so good times. They have been true friends.

We love them very, very much!

Although we see them at Beechfork every year, we rarely get to see them any where else. They stay busy with the church, family and work. I was thrilled when they called Wednesday afternoon and they were less than 30 minutes away from London, Kentucky! It was a marvelous surprise!

We have already been blessed to share two meals with them and to have them in church with us Wednesday night. AND they are staying over today and plan to be in church with us tonight as well.

May God bless our friends.

Speaking of church Wednesday night, we had another excellent service. I am really enjoying revival! I am excited about tonight.

Thank you for joining us today. God bless you, friends.


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