Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Travel Days - Wyoming and Montana

We had two beautiful days of travel Monday and Tuesday. Have we mentioned that we love the west? One of the reasons we stopped after 4 1/2 hours Sunday night is that we did not want to miss all of this beautiful scenery! Colorado, Wyoming and Montana are too pretty to drive through at night.

Most of these are iPhone pictures taken through the dirty windshield, but you need to see these.

The beautiful drive was not without difficulties but they were manageable and completely worth the trouble. The minor difficulties were very high winds at times and snow covered and icy roads Monday morning around Casper, Wyoming.

It was time to slow down and smell the roses for awhile. I estimate we only had about 25 miles of conditions like the picture above and we were back on dry roads.

We are especially careful on I-25 in Wyoming since we had a very unpleasant experience about 30 miles north of Casper in 2010. That was an event we will probably never forget. You can read about it HERE

This stretch of road has not been fun on several occasions.

In 2012 we were in a horrible thunder storm with torrential rains for over 200 miles going across I-90 from South Dakota to Buffalo, 115 miles north of Casper. That was a horrible day too. You can read that HERE.

We came back through the same area near Casper a few weeks later going to Kansas and a rock chipped the driver's side windshield and cracked it into my line of site. Then we ran into storms hard enough to pull off the road. The next day I fought leaking rims on the tent trailer all day long in Nebraska. Those stories are HERE.

25 miles of snow and ice does not seem too bad this time.

Carne Asada Tacos from KJ's Cantina. Wow!

We arrived at Sun Valley Church Tuesday evening as the sun was setting. By the time the BoggsMobile was parked this is what it looked like.

I can not wait to take a picture in the light of day so you can see the spot where Kelly Jo parallel parked the bus. She is awesome!

This is a picture of the church taken from the same spot as I took the picture above.

That wraps up the travel tale from Monday and Tuesday. We covered 945 miles since we left Castle Rock Sunday evening. We are super glad to be here!

Thanks for traveling with us.


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