Friday, November 24, 2017

A Lot of Activity This Week

I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving Day yesterday. We had a very good family day. We enjoyed a nice meal out and Kelly Jo and Odie did some shopping in the evening. I will have more description and some pictures of the big day in our weekend post next Monday.

This post should bring you up to date from Monday until now. We did not have to travel far on Monday so I let the girls rest in the morning for a while. When we finally did get around to "thinking" about leaving, we remembered we still had to unload the sound equipment.

Sunday night after church the guys from Souls Harbor helped me load up the equipment in the Green Machine. By the time we finished visiting and drove back to the bus, it was very late. We were in a safe neighborhood so we decided to leave it all in the car over night. We took care of that quickly and prepared to leave.

Traffic was really heavy Monday afternoon. I guess people were getting a jump on the Thanksgiving travel week and we ended up in the middle of it. At least most drivers were calm, cool and collected so I was too.😀

About 130 miles later we pulled into the Flying J in Lodi, California a few minutes before dark and snagged an end spot in the RV spots out front. 

We had a few hours of book work that needed to be completed so Kelly Jo and I tackled that Monday night. Honestly we had ran at a sprint since arriving in West Plains, Missouri on October 8th. We had been in church at night OR had a travel day every day but one and we needed to decompress a little. A lightish travel day helped.

We continued that decompression Tuesday. We had less than 100 miles to travel before church and we took our sweet time doing it. We even stopped in a parking lot and had a leisurely home-cooked meal followed by a small nap. That is what I am talking about!

We pulled into Arbuckle, California about 4:30 and parked on the Burgess family ranch probably two miles from the church. They have a great place for evangelists to park and they have hosted a bunch of people through the years. We appreciate them welcoming us with open arms.

Speaking of open arms, Bro. Nate McCoy and his church made us feel very welcome again Tuesday night. We were in Arbuckle last in November of 2014 and it was very good to be there again. We had a wonderful night of church and fellowship with our friends. Here are a few pictures from Tuesday night.

Bro. and Sis. McCoy

Wednesday morning we moseyed toward Riverbank, California to attend the first night of the Riverbank Thanksgiving Camp Meeting. We intended to find a parking lot to park in overnight but we could not. 

The Riverbank Holiness Church is the host of the meeting but they use the Assembly church for many of the services. I can not get the BoggsMobile into the lot at the Riverbank Holiness Church and even though I can fit into the lot at the Riverbank Assembly, they need the parking for all the cars. That left us with few options.

We ended up at French Camp RV Park about 20 miles away. Kelly Jo and I stayed here in the bus one night in 2010. I told part of the story of a cussin' I received as I pulled in that night. Thankfully we had much better experience this time.😀

We had a great time at the Riverbank meeting Wednesday night too.

It had been quite a few years since we had seen Bro. Jeremy and Bro. Mark Buzzard. They live in Idaho and Bro. Jeremy is the Pastor of a church there. They are two of Bro. Leon Buzzard's sons. Man, it was great to see them again.

That wraps up quite a bit of activity between Monday and Wednesday. It was a great few days for us.

Thank you for stopping in today.


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