Tuesday, November 28, 2017

A Drive Into Sequoia National Park

Today we have pictures of our little trip into Sequoia National Park on Saturday. We usually start at the south end of the park and drive all the way through Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks and exit east of Fresno. With the very short daylight hours this time of year we knew we did not have time for that.

Instead, we entered the south entrance and drove to General Sherman tree and then turned around and came back. We got out and walked at Tunnel Rock, Big Fern Springs, the Giant Forest and the trail to General Sherman. 

The weather was perfect and the whole day was too. The weather was cooler and it was much more foggy when we were there the last time in November 2014. Saturday was gorgeous!

We were gone about 8 hours, drove a bunch of miles and enjoyed one of our favorite places on earth. Some day we need to stay in the park several days and get further off the road and see even more of this amazing place.

It is so hard to capture the beauty in pictures but we surely tried.

Odie took a few pictures.

Kelly Jo and I climbed to the top of Tunnel Rock.

Kelly Jo took a bunch of pictures during the day too. I love this picture of Odie at Tunnel Rock. The light shining through and onto the walls and ceiling of the tunnel is beautiful.

We had a hard time taking a selfie with one of the big trees in the background. We captured Odie's fingers in this one.

There is a little piece of her head.

There she is!

Wow! What a day! I hope you enjoyed the pictures. Thank you for reading.



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