Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Weekend Woundup and Weview #46

This weekend summary post is a day late due to my special post on Monday. Thank you for the response to that post, Peace In Perilous Times.

Weekend Woundup and Weview

We have had a great weekend with a some flurries, freezing, frivolity, friendship, fellowship, food, fun and faith. It was fabulous!

We have not been overcome with snow but it has looked like this a lot.

These pictures below were taken on the road up to the Metzger's home.

You must admit the snow is beautiful!

I do not mind snow much, but I do not wish for snow because the cold usually comes with it. The cold has been tolerable although keeping the BoggsMobile from freezing is a challenge.

The BoggsMobile struggles mightily with cold. That is the main reason I have tried to stay south of I-20 during January and February the last two years. The beautiful cold snap in Colorado last week and this beautiful cold snap here in Montana only reinforces that intention.

We have had steady snow the last few days but not much accumulation. I was surprised to open the side door of the engine compartment and see snow blown all the way to the engine itself. That is different. The wind must have been blowing just right.

Saturday we had a few hours with the some of the Metzger family and we enjoyed it so very much. These are super good people out here and we are glad and blessed to count them as friends.

Sunday morning we had a wonderful service with several visitors and the third service in a row with 100% participation in the altar service. Hallelujah!

Sunday evening was Pastor Appreciation service and a big dinner afterward. It was an honor to be here for this big day. Pastor Mike and Sis. Debbie Metzger are wonderful people and we enjoyed celebrating their ministry at Sun Valley Church.

The pork was excellent!

We were back in the bus shortly after 8:30 with a wonderful weekend behind us. We are warm and cozy in the BoggsMobile even though it went down to 20 degrees overnight. We will see how we handle 8 degrees tonight. What is up with that?

Thank you for reading today.


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