Monday, November 20, 2017

Weekend Woundup and Weview #48

We have had a great weekend in Fresno, California. We continued revival all weekend at Souls Harbor Holiness Church with Pastor Anthony Munoz and all of his fine folks. Friday night we had a big crowd with fellowship from several churches. 

It was good to see a bunch of old friends. We enjoyed visiting with them and also being in church with them. The service was really good and the altar service was even better.

The altar services were the highlight of each service. I love when God meets with His people as they approach him in response to the Word of the Lord. It does not get much better than that. Saturday night was powerful and we closed revival Sunday night with another good altar service.

The weather was beautiful and sunny Saturday afternoon. After lunch with several of the Munoz family we spent some time with our hosts in their back yard. The Knapp's were very kind to invite us to park here and to take time to show us around their place. May God bless them for their hospitality.

Have you every seen anything like these bears in a back yard?


Please bear with me a few moments while I get my bearings. I can bearly refrain from posting these beary great pictures. I am a little embearassed at my lack of forbearance. I hope it is not unbearable but I do have a tendency to post pictures until they are threadbear.

We hope to have a Revival In Pictures post tomorrow but here are a few of the pictures from the weekend. All these kids sang great Sunday morning!

Have I mentioned that we love Tacos Tijuana? We may or may not have eaten there a few times every day over the weekend, including twice on Sunday!

This is Connie with me in the picture with below. 

Sis. Connie is 36 years old, saved, sanctified, Spirit filled, single and searching. She is smart, a hard worker and a really great lady. She is ready to go any where and work in any capacity for the Lord! (I think the list of terrific things you gave me to write was longer, Connie, but I lost it.) 😀

Sorry, Connie. I crack myself up at times! Seriously, we have known Connie since she was a teenager. She really is a fine, Godly young lady.

We have had an awesome time with Bro. Seth and Sis. Celeste's new baby girls. They have three boys already and were surprised when they heard number four was coming. They were really surprised when number four became number four, five and six!

Here is Odie with Kennedy, McKinley and Reagan. Odie, I think you look good with triplets.

And a few more pictures from our last trip to Tacos Tijuana after church Sunday night.

That wraps up our weekend in Fresno, California. Today we begin new adventures in a new place. Thank you for dropping in for a while today.



  1. �� you forgot the most important thing i have natural curly hair. Aw man, i love y'all so much its a blast every time. Its always good to see y'all. I got so much help in this revival, may the Lord continue to bless y'alls ministry. I will be praying for y'all.

    1. I am thankful that you are pleased, Sis. Connie. Yes, I did forget to mention the naturally curly hair! My bad!
      Thank you for the encouragement. We had a wonderful time in Fresno with all of our dear friends.

      Davy and Kelly Jo

    2. Update: Connie is still single, sweet...and skinnier!

    3. We will take lots of pictures when we are out there later this year and update both our online profiles. LOL

  2. I started to comment with a wise reply, but decided I beartter not.
    See you down the road

    1. You comment proves to me that I need to put up a bearicade against barbearians on this blog! Lol


    2. You folks are so cheesy, I can hardly bear it.... :D

    3. That is a beary slandering comment. Do you know a good bearister?



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