Thursday, November 9, 2017

Florence, Montana - Revival In Pictures

This post is in two parts. You will find Part II HERE.

It is time for a revival in Pictures In Post from Sun Valley Church in Florence, Montana. We have a bunch of pictures so we will divide them into separate posts. I am typing this post Wednesday afternoon because we are planning to leave tonight after church if all goes as planned. I will try to post it after church. Then we will add tonight's pictures to the second post and get them posted sometime Thursday.

We have had a great, great, great time here this week and we are praising God for helping us all. He has touched our family, He has touched the local church family and He has gloriously saved a young man too! Hallelujah!

Montana is absolutely beautiful! This is the latest in the year we have been here and we knew we were taking a chance in coming in November. The snow has been moderate and delightful! I have already told you I can do without the cold, but we have made it through. I have added a few pictures of the snow in these posts.

I will begin with the good stuff!

The absolute highlight of the first day of revival was the smoked salmon the Metzgers served for lunch. If the preaching had been that good, we would have had sure enough church! Wow!

I will have more pictures posted later on Thursday by His grace. 

Thank you for reading today.


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