Thursday, November 16, 2017

Short Travel Day and Revival at Souls Harbor

Wednesday was a travel day and the first day of revival at Souls Harbor Holiness Church in Fresno, California. We were only traveling about 60 miles so we did not have to be in a rush. I let the girls rest a while in the morning and I worked on a few nagging bus projects and tried to find a few part numbers for another project.

We turned the BoggsMobile around, hooked the car up and left about 11:30. By 1:00 we were pulling into our parking space in Madera.

Through the years of coming to Souls Harbor we have parked in a few different places. We parked our fifth wheel at Pastor Munoz's house in 2005. We crowded their drive with the trailer but it was doable. It was nice being close for lots of fellowship.

One revival we parked the BoggsMobile in an RV park that was very near the church. There were only a few spaces big enough to park it and it was quite a wiggle to get in the space. The convenience in being so close to the church was Very nice.

The last time we had the bus out here while preaching revival at Souls Harbor we parked about 30 miles away at the Riverdale Church. They have a great place to park and we enjoy it. We plan to be there later this trip so parking there this time made good sense.

Then Pastor Munoz told me that one of the men in his church, Russ Knapp, had offered for us to park in his drive with 50 amp electrical service and water close by. Plus, his house is only 15 minutes from the church. That is how we came to be in Madera and it is a great place to park.


We left for church at 5:30 so that we could arrive early enough to load in some of our sound equipment. Before we loaded in, Bro. Munoz turned on the lights and revealed their newly remodeled church. 

It is gorgeous! Our jaws were dropping as we took everything in and we are so happy for the church. I will try to take a bunch of pictures of the remodel as we go.

Service began at 7:00 and the Lord blessed from the word go! God blessed me during one of the songs and I was ready to have church after that! Praise God for His help.

The folks received the preaching well and there was a good response in the altar. We are looking for many more good things in the next four nights.

Bro. Seth and Celeste recently had triplet girls and Wednesday night was the first night they were all able to be in service. That was a real treat for all of us! The girls are precious and beautiful. I am pretty sure you will be seeing a few more pictures of them later in the week.

Oh, and we made our first visit to Tacos Tijuana too! Wow! I love that place.

That wraps up a full day and a wonderful first night of revival. Thank you for reading.


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