Monday, November 27, 2017

Weekend Woundup and Weview #49

It is time to recap the weekend all the way back to Thursday. We have eaten at Cracker Barrel several times on Thanksgiving through the years but in California we are out of luck with that. We knew there was a Hometown Buffet in Modesto and that is where we planned to eat. Wednesday I searched for a Golden Corral on a whim and BINGO!

Now, that is a turkey leg!

We enjoyed a really good meal and I enjoyed being with these two wonderful ladies! 

We worried about fighting the crowd but we walked in before noon and it was wide open. By the time we left, the line was completely out the door. Good timing!

We went back to the bus and rested until the girls went for a little retail therapy to work off their big Thanksgiving meal.

No Thank You. I stayed safe and sound in the BoggsMobile, but they had a good time.

Friday morning we hooked up the car and bus together and headed south. Here are a couple of pictures at the RV Park before we prepared to go.

I was planning to stop for fuel at the Pilot in Madera and it is a good thing we did. Just as we were coming to the exit, we heard and air leak under my feet. Ouch! I whipped into the fuel island and then into an open parking space to investigate.

A 1/4" air line split. I believe it is the line that goes to the air seat.

The Pilot mobile repair truck was in the parking lot but I could not find the tech. I called the 888 number and he was at the bus before I was off the phone. He did not have 1/4" compression fittings but he was able to splice it with a push fitting coupling. It took him a couple of tries to cut back enough line to avoid the split but then it held.

45 minutes and $60 later we were back on the road. That could have been a lot worse. I could have been in the middle of no where! I think I need to get some DOT 1/4" line and compression fittings and learn how to repair these lines.

The girls took the Green Machine to Fresno and Hanford and I took the BoggsMobile to Riverdale. I think they saved so much money on Thursday night, that they felt like they had to spend a little more on Friday.😊 

I had a good afternoon visiting with Pastor Spencer and several of the men working at the church.

The men were working on projects all weekend and they had a big fire each night. This was Friday night.

Saturday morning we drove into Sequoia National Park, one of our favorite places in the world. It was very, very foggy in the valley so we almost did not go. Thankfully, the fog lifted as we drove closer and it was a gorgeous day in the park!

We have a bunch of pictures that I will post later but here are a few random shots taken with my camera. 

Kelly Jo took some great, great pictures. Here is a sample of her pictures.

We went over to the church about 8:00 PM for sound check and we enjoyed visiting with some of the guys from the church.

Sunday morning "our" Sunday School class was having breakfast so we enjoyed that too!

Revival started with a bang Sunday morning and we were soon feeling right at home as we always do at Riverdale.

They were honoring and thanking all of the Sunday School teachers Sunday morning. It was a beautiful tribute. Here is a picture of them all.

Sunday afternoon we had Mexican for lunch. Can you imagine that? Who ever said we like Mexican food! Well, we do not like it, we LOVE it!

I took this picture Sunday evening before church. It has the corner of the bus in it and the church in the distance.

Sunday night we had a wonderful service too. We have many more pictures to post from Sunday night, but we will include them later. I have an early morning coming and I need to wrap this up.

Why the early morning?

It is our privilege to have Bro. David Eldridge join us for service tonight. Bro. Eldridge came to California for Riverbank campmeeting and came to be in church here Sunday night. It is great to have him here and to introduce him to all of our great friends in Riverdale.

He is flying out this Monday morning and I am taking him to the airport. That is the reason for the early morning.

Well, that wraps up our weekend. Thanks for tuning in.


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