Friday, November 17, 2017

Stick Around About 15 Minutes

The weather guessers were predicting 100% chance of rain for several hours Thursday evening in Fresno and Madera. In fact the chances of rain were very high most of the day. It was mostly overcast but we had some brilliant bursts of sunshine. 

The 100% rain prediction ended up being a bust. We did get about 6 inches of rain on they way home from church. No, not 6 inches of rain falling at one time, but a few rain drops falling about 6 inches apart!😉

I think they missed that forecast! I suppose the weather is too unpredictable and completely changeable to accurately predict what it will do 15 minutes from now. That reminds me of something Kelly Jo and I have laughed about for years. 

We grew up in southern Ohio and heard people make some version of the following statement all our lives. 

They would say, "The weather in Ohio is different than any where else in the country. If you don't like the weather here just stick around about 15 minutes and it will change."

We started traveling soon after we were married and found that folks say that every where. After we heard the same exact statement in about 5 different states. it was all we could do to keep from busting out laughing. 

After hearing the same thing in about 30 states from people that absolutely believe it only applies to their area, we always chuckle and grin. The weather may be different, but people are the same every where.  

The weather guessers are predicting some sunshine today and full sunshine tomorrow. What? You would rather not have sunshine and blue skies? Well, hang around about 15 minutes. Here in California, it will probably change! 😀

Thanks for reading today.


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  1. I thought that was only in Oklahoma.....
    See you down the road


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