Thursday, November 2, 2017

Revival At Sun Valley Church

Odie mentioned Saturday that my mother (Martha) was having a procedure on her heart this past Monday. The procedure was completed safely and she is home resting and recuperating. Thank you for praying for her and Dad. We are confident that she will be on her feet and ready to go very soon.

Have we mentioned that we are very glad to be back in beautiful Montana? This was taken from the church parking lot.

In yesterday's travel post I told you that I would take pictures in the daylight to show you how good Kelly Jo is at parallel parking. The BoggsMobile is over 45' with the tow bar sticking out the back so parking it any where in a space of 60' or less can be a challenge.

Look at this. She has 11 1/2" between the windshield wipers and the shed.

In the back she has 23" between the tow bar and the fence post.

That means she parallel parked the bus in a spot 34 1/2" longer that the BoggsMobile itself. Yep, she is good!

We are thrilled to be back with Pastor Mike Metzger and his folks at Sun Valley Church. God has blessed us with wonderful, faithful friends here and we are always honored to come back.

Revival began last night at 7:00 and we plan to go through next Wednesday night. We will have church every night but Saturday and the service Sunday night will begin at 5:00. We are looking forward to wonderful blessings from God each and every service.

The meals and fellowship have already been grand and we know that friendship and conversation will flow freely all week long. It is going to be an awesome week.

Odie snapped a few pictures beginning with lunch Wednesday and we added a few from the snow after church Wednesday night. I hope you enjoy.

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