Friday, July 6, 2012

Travel Day - South Dakota to Buffalo, Wyoming

Wednesday evening (Independence Day) we sat outside at the Camp America RV Park. We stayed there Tuesday and Wednesday nights. We watched the sun go down and stayed out until the little black bugs drove us inside. 

We heard a few fireworks in the distance but could not see them or determine where they were coming from. It was a nice peaceful evening.

Thursday was a longish day for us to travel. Especially since we do not have to be in a hurry. Hurrying is a hard habit for us to break. We left Salem, South Dakota and ended up in Buffalo, Wyoming. We are parked at Indian RV Park. We have never stayed here before but we had plans to stay one time and had to cancel... More about that later.

South Dakota is a beautiful state and unlike a lot of states they still have plenty of rest areas!

Well, most parts of it are beautiful...
This part below was a little ugly...

We knew there was a suitable RV park available in Buffalo but we had really considered stopping in the Rapid City/Keystone/Mt. Rushmore/Crazy Horse/Custer State Park area. It is a great area that we love to visit and we haven't spent any time there since fall of 2007. 

On that trip we had my parents with us and we spent two days roaming around. That was a trip of a lifetime. I can not find any pictures on the website from Keystone area but HERE is a link to a few pictures of the same trip while we were in Montana.

Most of the parks in that area that had available sites this week that are big enough for us were close to I-90 but far from the places we love so we just kept driving.

As I said, South Dakota is a beautiful state. Kelly Jo and I love to watch the dramatic change in scenery as we travel. In South Dakota there is a dramatic change in geography at the Missouri River. On the east side for 100 miles or more it is beautiful farm land as far as you can see.

Then I-90 approaches the river.

And immediately on the west side of the river the farm land is gone and its filled with bluffs, hills, canyons and valleys. It reminds me of Kentucky without any trees. I could not capture it well on my phone but here is my best shot.

It is amazing to see. Then after a while it changes back to farm land again.

On the west end of South Dakota we ran smack into storms..

We had just passed the last RV park that we knew had a space for us and the rain and high winds started in earnest.

We hit cell after cell  for nearly 200 miles and it was downright scary at times. The wind was whipping from every direction it seemed and it even hailed briefly. It immediately reminded us of the last time we drove through Montana. 

Yes, the last time we drove through Montana we had reservations at Indian RV Park in Buffalo, Wyoming. We were headed north that day on I-25 when we drove through a storm that we thought would pass behind us.

Although we did not see it, that storm had a tornado on the ground in our area. As we were trying to find a place to pull off the wind ripped an awning loose on the driver's side of the BoggsMobile. You can read the whole story HERE.

Needless to say we canceled our reservation at Indian RV Park that day in 2010. There were a few moments Thursday when we were not sure if we were going to make it here. But we made it safely through the storm and we are thankful to God for it. 

We may have to think about where to stay the next time we drive through Montana in the BoggsMobile.

On the plus side, the BoggsMobile and trailer are almost spotless. I just need to clean the tires and wheels and we will be set.

Hope you have a great day...



  1. Davy,ithink you need to write a book on the life of an evanglist traveling on the bus.How about that blog readers.

  2. Thanks.. I am writing it here nearly every day with pictures included for those that do not enjoy reading!

    Trouble is that I only have about 200-300 people a day reading and most of them are family and friends that feel obligated to read. Lol



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