Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Jay Peak Resort, Jay, Vermont

We are having a great time in northern Vermont. We are staying at a fabulous resort on Jay Peak and we are staying here because of the kindness and hospitality of people we have never met. 

There are not any hotels or motels in Lowell, Vermont where the church and tent revival are located. We were planning to stay in Newport about 20 miles away. Pastor David DiZazzo or his wife had the idea to call a nearby resort called Jay Peak. Jay Peak has been a ski resort for decades but in recent years has become a year round destination resort. They have restaurants, pools, water parks, golfing, ice skating, skiing, lifts, a tram, hotels, suites, cottages and probably many things I have not noticed or remembered.

The DiZazzos called to get a price on reserving a room for us in the hotel for a few nights. They were hoping to get a decent price in the off season. The folks at Jay Peak asked Sis. Becky DiZazzo several questions about us. She answered the best she could and when they called back they had incredible news.

They wanted to give us a complimentary four night stay. Not in the hotel section of the resort but in the Tram Haus Lodge in a two bedroom, two bath condo suite. It is easily one of the nicest and most expensive places we have ever stayed. It is an amazing place and an amazing gift. We are very thankful and appreciative of Jay Peak Resort's hospitality, kindness and generosity.

Of course there is no snow this time of year but the tram runs year round to the top of the mountain. All of the DiZazzos and Esther came up Monday to ride the tram to the top and explore the summit of the mountain. It was so much fun.

After we exited the tram at the top we found some rocks that were begging to be climbed. 

That's Odie down by the fence.

On top of the world. 

Oops! My ears are stopped up!

I saw my first ice rink.

And then we had a great meal in the little town close by..

We have enjoyed Jay Peak Resort very, very much. It is hard to believe we are staying here at no cost to us or the church. It is an incredible blessing to our family.

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  1. Love it!!! Beautiful place to stay! Love hearing about Gods blessings!!


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