Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Our Friend Esther

Monday morning we left Secaucus, New Jersey before 7:00 AM hoping to scoot around and above New York City before the crowd. Evidently 500,000 other people had the same idea. We had stop and go traffic pretty much the first 60 miles and then just heavy traffic the rest of the day.

It was about 260 miles from New Jersey through a little slice of New York then Connecticut, Rhode Island, through Boston and ending up in Peabody, Massachusetts. We arrived at our hotel at 12:00 noon on the dot.

Going through Boston we went through the 3.5 mile tunnel under the city of Boston. Here they call it the "Big Dig."

After dropping our stuff at the Hotel we met our dear friend Esther at a great Italian place called Polcari's. It was super great. Wow! Sis. Julie Sacca from Wichita recommended Polcari's. Thanks Sis. Julie.

The DiZazzo's in Wichita and the DiMinico's in Omaha came from the same church here in Boston. We have heard so many stories about the church and Bible School. It was great to see some of the buildings they have worshipped in and neighborhoods they have ministered to through the years. We appreciate Sis. Esther for showing us many of the sights around Boston. She is an excellent tour guide.

They had Bible School and church in two of these five story buildings on Mass Ave. for many years.

They also had church on Harcourt St, which is not far away.

When they needed more room they moved to this building in Everett.

Then Sis. Esther showed us the neighborhood she lived in as a young lady, where she went to school the then some historic sites in Boston and Cambridge.

We even went to Harvard. Yes, ladies and gentleman, I can now say I went to Harvard. We even went to Harvard Square. The V shape building in the middle is the home of Click and Clack.

A closer look at the Dewey, Cheatham and Howe building. 

Tuesday we visited Sis. Esther at work. Did we mention she works at CBD. That's Christian Book Distibutors. That is so cool. We got a short tour of the facility and spent some time visiting with Mrs. Hendrickson in her office. Mrs. Hendrickson is 85 years old and still works 4 days a week. Her son started CBD in his bedroom in the late 1970's. It was an honor to meet her and to hear her testimony.

Tuesday afternoon Sis Esther treated us to a whale watching tour in Gloucester. It was amazing. 

We went about 14 miles out before stopping to watch two Humpback whales feed.

Whale watching was interrupted by a little Yellow Warbler that stated landing on people.  It was hilarious! These birds do not land on water so 14 miles from shore he needed some where to rest.

Esther and Odie look calm but they were NOT calm on the inside.

Then back to the whales.

It was a wonderful afternoon. Thank you Sis. Esther!

We ate Tuesday evening at another Italian place, La Vita Mia recommended by Bro. Charles Mitchell in Wichita. I am telling you it was fabulous. Thanks Bro. Charles. 

We also belatedly celebrated Sis. Esther's birthday. Happy Birthday, friend. We love you.

We have had a good time in the Boston area. We plan to move on into Maine later today. Thanks for reading.


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