Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Summary of City Reach Tulsa

Today's post is a summary of City Reach Tulsa. I hope to follow this post later this week with the summary from City Reach OKC and soon with the summary of City Reach Dayton.

We had a difficult time securing our permit in Tulsa but once we did everything else fell into place quite nicely. It did not take us very long at all to realize we were right where we needed to be. No wonder we had such a hard time getting the proper permissions.

We were right in a great area for outreach and tent revival at the Fred Johnson City Park. The folks in the community were very welcoming to us and many of them thanked us for bringing the tent revival to them. I am still praising God for each one that prayed in the altar and received help from God.

Every City Reach has been very good and I am very thankful for that fact. But each week I am amazed that God keeps right on moving in the lives of people. It may be a different city but people are needing God every where and God is willing to help all that come unto Him.

It was a pleasure working with the Pastors and churches in the Tulsa area that were able to attend and help in the meeting.

I love hearing good reports of the results of City Reach long after we are gone. That is a good sign that something of eternal value may have been accomplished. Two of the Pastors involved in City Reach Tulsa have written their perspective and I want to pass their thoughts on to you. 

From Pastor Nathan Conner

I can't even begin to tell you all the good that has came out of City Reach Tulsa! The Lord truly honors the work of each Pastor and individuals who work to reach the lost. We saw many saved and blessed that week. Our Church, Hilldale Holiness Church, has received one of the greatest blessings from it all! There was a Nigerian Muslim coming to City Reach serviced named Rasheed. He received Christ through City Reach and has since been coming to our church. We have had the privilege of seeing God moving in his life and transforming him. 

I had him testify one night and he said, "I was in the darkness and God turned on His sunshine!! Now I would like to sing .."I have decided to follow turning back, no turning back." As he sang, you could feel the Spirit of the Lord come in so sweetly and hover over our church, giving His approval. 

After the service, Rasheed asked me to pleased not call him by his muslim name any longer, he wanted to be called a Christian name, Bro. Richard. Not only through Bro. Richard has the Lord blessed our church. Because of our efforts to reach the lost in that area, God is sending other families from our area to our church. 

I want to say thank you to Bro. Davy and his precious family for allowing us to be a part of City Reach. We count it a great honor and would do it all again tomorrow if they asked. God bless the Boggs Family.

Pastor Nathan Conner
Hilldale Holiness Church

From Pastor Doug Hash

North Heights Holiness Church was truly blessed to have been a part of City Reach Tulsa. Truly thankful for the burden and compassion for souls the Boggs family and Bro Jimmie Radcliffe have. The response to the altar each night was proof God is still reaching for hungry souls. I appreciated the prayers at the end of each service for healings and miracles. God is doing great things through this work!

Pastor Doug Hash
North Heights Holiness Church

Links from City Reach Tulsa

Thank you for praying for City Reach Tulsa. God heard your prayers and helped, helped the churches and most of all, helped the people of Tulsa.

Thanks for reading.


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