Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The Tent Going Up In Tulsa

Monday night's service was outstanding! We had a good crowd with several churches attending and several folks responding in the altar seeking salvation. I was thrilled with the response! Praise God for His help. I am so thankful He is drawing men and women from Tulsa to Himself!

I am under the tent for a while tonight, hoping Bro. Jimmie is getting some rest before he takes his shift.

It is a beautiful night and I am rejoicing in the things we have felt and have seen in only two nights of City Reach Tulsa. I am a "little" excited!

Tent Set Up

Would you look at this crew that showed up last Saturday with a mind to work in Fred Johnson City Park in Tulsa, Oklahoma?

Bro. Toliver and Bro. James Martin were walking the perimeter of the park, praying and talking with folks when we took the crew picture so here they are with me and Bro. Conner.

The stake layout was already marked so before the workers arrived Bro. Jimmie decided the best place for him to park and pulled into place.

We were a few minutes late getting started while folks rolled in but soon the stakes were going in the ground and we were making progress.

I love having the tent in the largest configuration!

This must be the hardest working evangelist's wife in the USA! She is amazing all of the time but really amazing on tent set up days!

Some of the ladies put all of the visitors packets together.

The tent looks beautiful on this location and we are grateful! I love putting the tent in the air and I love when God starts working in people's lives in the services. That is the whole reason we are out here! Come join us!

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