Monday, July 18, 2016

#29 Weekend Woundup and Weview

Our weekend began with the ending of City Reach Dayton. Here is the tent Friday before the last service.

We had a good crowd Friday night and a wonderful service. Several more folks responded in the altar and I was thrilled with that! It was amazing to see God work the way He did all week long. I love watching people approach God and I love watching God receive them with open arms. I never get tired of the whole process!

We had super help this week from the Dryden Rd. musicians. I have posted various pictures of them in action and I think there might be some below. Only one of them has Boggs Family Ministries approved instrument though. Bro. Michael Alexander played his green bass during City Reach Dayton. He definitely ready to join the Green Machine and the Boggs Family Band!

Pastor Larry Thomas and Davy

Pastor Bennie Sutherland and Davy

After service a bunch of the folks stayed to pull things down and wrap them up. Most of the hard work was completed in just a little while and we were ready to roll away. Here are a few pictures. I plan to post more later.

Bro. Jimmie left for the barn but we stayed the night at the tent site since we were not in a huge hurry and Kelly Jo and I were both pretty tired. We planned to leave but I made the mistake of sitting down after I went inside.

I woke up to this view Saturday morning and it sure did look strange without the tent.

This picture show how close to downtown the tent was set up.

I left there and drove 10 miles north to Flying J in order to empty our holding tanks. Then I retraced my route, came back by the tent site and then on to the barn. When I arrived, Kelly Jo had the barn doors open and in a few minutes we were parked.

Saturday for lunch Kelly Jo and I slipped down to Acapulco for a little salsa!

Bro. Jimmie was preparing to leave early Sunday so we went to eat with him Saturday evening. We will be separated for a few weeks until we crank up our next City Reach and we miss Bro. Jimmie already! I love this man and love having him with us.

Odie spent the day with Kelly Jo's family and went to church with them on Sunday morning.

We went to Dryden Rd. Sunday morning and then met Kelly Jo's parents and Odie at Acapulco for a late lunch. It was great as usual.

Sunday night we were preaching for Pastor Bruce McGuire and the Rt. 4 Holiness Pentecostal Church. It was great to have then join with us in City Reach Dayton and it was really good to be back with them at their church. We used to visit Rt. 4 a lot on Wednesdays and revivals before we moved to Kansas in 1999 and we have wonderful memories of tremendous blessings there.

That pretty much wraps up our long weekend. Thanks for reading.


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