Friday, July 22, 2016

Summary of City Reach OKC

I appreciate all the response from folks that missed the blog yesterday. I think I get more feedback when I miss a day than I do on a normal posting day. Have you all ever heard about accidentally reinforcing negative behavior? I may get lazy and blow off the blog more often! (Grin)

It is so hard to believe that we are at this point in City Reach 2016. It was only a few days ago when we were looking at City Reach from two years away and it seemed we would never get here. Now we are already finished with Dayton and we are preparing for our fall City Reach schedule.

Today's post is a summary of City Reach Oklahoma City. 

Originally OKC was not even on my radar for City Reach. Pastor Lendell Birdsong called me in September of 2015 and asked if it was possible to bring City Reach to Oklahoma City and I am very glad that he did. I gave him a date in a very busy time of year and he and the other Pastors made it work so well.

City Reach OKC was a smooth operation from our very first meeting after the Planning and Vision Service we held at Blanchard in December 2015. We ended up setting the tent in the very first location that was suggested. The services were great, the participation from the Pastors and churches was wonderful and the response from the community was tremendous.

Each Pastor stepped up and went beyond the call of duty and we appreciate it so much. Also Sis. Dorothy Richey  and pastor Jeremy Brooks handled most of the logistics leading up to and during the meeting. They planned, they worked and they coordinated everything. That took a tremendous load off of me and I will never forget their kindness.

From Pastor Lendell Birdsong
Trinity Holiness Church in Blanchard, OK

What a great blessing it was to have the Boggs family and Bro Jimmy Radcliffe bring the gospel tent to Oklahoma City! Bro. Davy and I had spoken last year about bringing City Reach to OKC  and I had told him that I would speak to the area pastors and see what kind of response we could get. I can say with a joyful heart that in my 26 years of pastoring, the fellowship of our area churches working together was one of the highlights of this past week for me. 

Every service throughout the week was wonderful as the tent filled up nightly with people from every walk of life and race, hungry to hear God's word. Many found what their soul was searching for. The last night it seemed as if God just opened heaven over the blue and white tent as our churches pulled together for the lost praying in the altars. 

Many were praying and touched probably as they had never been before but Jason a man, desperate for God's redemption and healing, who had been diagnosed with kidney failure prayed all the way through til the power of God was all over him. 

Once again, we thank the Boggs family and Bro. Radcliffe for their burden to bring the gospel message to our cities across America. Only eternity will reveal all that God is doing! 

Pastor Lendell Birdsong

From Pastor Jeremy Brooks
Landmark Holiness Tabernacle in Oklahoma City, OK

City Reach OKC was a blessing to our church, as well as to our community. In addition to the souls from the immediate vecinity that were seeking God in the altar almost every night, our church enjoyed the added benefit of participating in a united effort with other local churches and pastors. The fellowship and mutual support among the various churches strengthened our common bond and opened the door to further engagement. 

We thank God for City Reach OKC and the Boggs family for coordinating and executing such a needful and timely ministry in America's cities.

Pastor Jeremy Brooks

Thank you for praying for City Reach OKC. Here are some links from City Reach OKC. I hope you enjoy reading and viewing the pictures.


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