Thursday, July 7, 2016

The Painting Friends.

I guess strange things happen when you stay gone long enough!

When we bought the property that became the Lazy OD Ranch about 18 months ago, there were a few things that needed immediate attention. Number one on the list was the hideous fence that ran between the church and the property and also along the road. The section that was on the property line with the church was more down than up. My Dad and my cousin Gerald Livingston made short work of taking it the rest of the way down.

I wanted to try to preserve the corner section and the section along the front of the property at the road. It was in pretty poor shape but not near as bad as the other. I replaced a few boards and Dad replaced a few boards and that was the extent of the repairs. Something else is always higher on the repair list the few days we are home.

Several weeks ago I started receiving pictures of the fence with a nice pretty new red coat of paint on it. I mean a very nice pretty new red coat of paint!

Although I my brother sent these pictures in June, I saw the beautifully painted fence for the first time when we arrived home Sunday evening. It looks absolutely awesome. It is not only painted but it is painted very, very well. They call themselves the Painting Friends  and friends they certainly are to us.

The Painting Friends are Emily Rogers and Lisa Isaacs. The attend church next door at Dodds and are always looking for ways to be an encouragement. Some one mentioned the fence needed to be painted so a plan was devised and executed perfectly.

I want the stealth fence painters to know how much we appreciate their incredible act of kindness! If they were looking for a way to encourage someone, they found it. If they wanted to prove they appreciated some one, they did it. May God bless our faithful friends!


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