Saturday, July 2, 2016

My Parents My True Heroes

Hello friends, we have made it to another Saturday and another month. 2016 is whizzing by us so quickly. If you blink your eyes a few times Christmas will be right around the corner.

This week was great for us. We had a grand time at City Reach Oklahoma City. It was once again rejuvenating to watch God change lives!  It was our great privilege to work with so many dear friends. Thanks to everyone who made City Reach Oklahoma City possible! Dad posted lots of pictures yesterday and I know he will have more about OKC soon.

Today the BoggsMobile is supposed to keep rolling eastward toward Ohio. We left Oklahoma City last night after the tent was down and drove to Joplin, Missouri. We are looking forward to seeing everyone at home. We have some important stops along the way but we are on our way to the Lazy OD Ranch!

This week we will be busy planning and preparing for City Reach Dayton. We are scheduled to put the tent up next Saturday. I am excited about having City Reach in our home area. The dates are Sunday-Friday July 10-15. For more details on City Reach Dayton, including location and service times, check out Dad's post from Wednesday.  Please come join us if you can!

I have put up a few posts this year about my Holiness Heroes. I am honored to have many awesome people as my friends and Heroes. These are not just people I know from a distance but I know them as true friends. God has placed them in my life for my good and I feel very blessed!

Today I want to write about two of my greatest heroes. Who are they? I have the honor of living with them. My two greatest heroes are my very own Dad and Mom!

My parents show me Godly examples in everyday life. By example Dad and Mom have taught me to take life one day at time, trust God and to keep pressing toward the goal. Life is full of ups and downs and twist and turns and even dead ends, but we must keep moving forward, growing in grace and knowledge and truth. 

Also I am grateful they encouraged me to dream big. They have challenged me to believe that I can do anything that needs to be done by God's grace and my own determination. I appreciate that even though I do have some built in limitations they have not allowed me to use those limitations as excuses.

They have taught me to live life despite of the obstacles that have blocked my path. They are the first ones to hold me when I cry, to wipe my tears and lend a helping hand. They are also the ones I laugh the hardest with. They have personally demonstrated that laughter helps heal some of the heartaches of live.

Mom and Dad are my biggest cheerleaders. They are also my best and most trusted critics. I treasure their influence in my life. I am so thankful they encourage and push me to be the best person I can be. Most of all they have given me a Godly foundation and pointed me to rely fully on God and His Word.

I am thankful to live in a family where being a Christian is top priority. They have struggled with decisions and have been tormented by obstacles but ultimately being a Christian was the top priority. I picked up on that at a young age and it affected me deeply.  Their decision as a young couple to follow the Lord in everything has changed their lives and my life!

Mom and Dad, thank you for the life you have given me! I truly appreciate all you do to make my life easier.  Thanks for being my support system. Thank you for placing a hunger for holiness in me.  

Tomorrow is my Mother's birthday, Happy Birthday, Momma! 

Earlier in the week was my parent's wedding anniversary. I want to say, Happy Anniversary to my two favorite Heroes!  I love you both more than I can express with words!

My cousins, the Isaacs, sing an awesome song titled Heroes. They recorded it several years ago. It addresses the parents of special needs child and also those that have adopted  a child. Those parents change countless lives for the better through their love and unselfish support. I cry every time I truly ponder this song's lyrics. 

One night when we attended a service with the Isaacs, they dedicated this song to my parents and I was proud for them to receive just a little smidgen of the honor they deserve. Since I entered this world my parents have been my stronghold. They are definitely my Heroes. Below is a YouTube link to the beautiful song sang by the Isaacs. 

Thank you for stopping by! Have a fantastic 4th of July weekend!



  1. Thank you for your kind and loving words, Odie. We are so proud of the woman you have become and we are thankful for the work that God has done in your life and the plan He is fulfilling even now.

    We love you so much!

    Proverbs 23:24 The father of the righteous shall greatly rejoice: and he that begetteth a wise child shall have joy of him.


    1. Dad,
      Thanks for the sweet comment!!!
      "I love you more than a hog loves slop!"

  2. This is really getting Mushy... Slop... Mush.. get it?..
    I love the Boggs family..thankful for their devotion to spreading the Gospel! Kelly have you found any cute size 24 month yet?? lol

    1. You are hilarious, Sis. Brenda! See you next month in Ohio. We love the Galiher family!!


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