Wednesday, July 6, 2016

July 4th and 5th

I mentioned earlier that we spent part of the 4th with Kelly Jo's parents and two of her nieces. I spent some time working on the bus that day. This first picture looks suspiciously like it was taken in a mall. If so, then I am very glad I had work to do.

Kayla and Courtney with Odie.

We spent the afternoon at Dad's barn cooking and eating.

My sister in law Holly's parents, Dave and Sue Lamb, joined us too. It is always a treat to see them.

The four of "us."

Dad telling one of his epic stories!

So much for a third good night's sleep in a row. Monday night was back to normal so I dragged myself up to Dayton to the tent site early Tuesday morning. A little mowing and a little trash pick up and it will be ready to go.

After lunch I tore into the hitch on the tent trailer. I noticed some cracking on the way home Sunday. I removed the actual hitch part and I will see if it can be welded. This is a good time to do this and a few other things to the trailer. It will be sitting idle the rest of the year since everything rides in Bro. Jimmie's trailer.

I visited with Odie and Dad and Mom for a few minutes but the rest of the day and evening was spent working on a barn project. Steve and Karen came over a kept us company while I worked. Of course, they helped some too.

That pretty much wraps up the last two days. The next two days will be pretty much the same as we ramp up for City Reach Dayton. Thanks for checking in.


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