Monday, July 25, 2016

#30 Weekend Woundup and Weview

We are looking for guidance the next few days in Nashville. I have admitted over and over that the whole process of City Reach is so much bigger than I am. Finding locations is a huge part of that. I appreciate all the folks praying for us. God certainly knows where we need to be.

Odie spent part of the weekend in Waynesville with my family and the rest of the weekend with Kelly Jo's family in Hillsboro. Kelly Jo and I were at the Lazy OD Ranch Friday and Saturday and by Saturday night we were in Nashville. That pretty much sums up the weekend. We have pasted some pictures below after a few details.

Friday was another work day at the barn. We intended to drive to Nashville earlier in the week but we were getting so much completed, we put the trip off until Saturday. After tidying things up and mowing the grass Saturday we hit the road in the early afternoon.

We arrived in the Nashville area in time to get a pretty good night's rest. Sunday we revisited a few potential City Reach locations and found a couple additional possibles. We might have made some progress. We will continue to follow some leads over the next few days. I believe we will have some good news to share with you soon. I hope so.

We visited a church Sunday morning and enjoyed making some great friends. We love going new places, meeting new folks and worshiping in new environments. We have been doing that a lot this year and Sunday was a great experience.

Here are a few pictures from Odie in Hillsboro Sunday.

We tried a nice little Mexican place in Nashville Sunday. They had pretty good salsa but not as good as Acapulco. I have one question for you today. If tomatoes are fruit, is salsa a smoothie?

The poblano's were huge!

The fajitas were tremendous!

And that wraps up the weekend. Thanks for reading.


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