Monday, September 29, 2014

Wow Again!

Wow and Wow Again! There is no way I can tell you how good Sunday was in Richton, Mississippi. It was nearly unbelievable and I witnessed most of it with my own two eyes. It is hard to process all the good that we saw accomplished.

Sunday morning Pastor Scott Morris and his folks nearly preached me to death. God ministered to us all and the altar service was tremendous. I could not imagine it being much better than it was Sunday morning.

But Sunday night was even better. God used Bro. Scott in a mighty way. All we had to do was pray, shout and rejoice and we did a lot of that. Many, many folks received help from the Lord during Sunday night's service. It was a super great way to cap off a tremendous week of tent revival.

We have enjoyed being in Richton so much this week. God has used these folks to strengthen our faith and resolve to trust God in all things. We have watched God work in lives and it has been amazing to behold. Praise God for Pastor Scott Morris and his church. The way they have responded to the Spirit of God this week has been wonderful.

It is very, very difficult to leave today but we must point the BoggsMobile toward the west. My GPS tells me we are 1604 miles from our next revival at Desert Cove Assembly in El Mirage, Arizona. Kelly Jo and I hope to leave here by mid-morning and put in a very long day of driving. Please pray for us that we have good weather, save driving and no mechanical problems.

I did say it would be just me and KJ on the bus this week. Bro. Scott asked Odie to stay with them and bypass those long miles by taking a flight to Arizona on Friday. She found a cheap flight so she is staying here a few days. That should be a relaxing change for her. By God's grace we will meet her on the other end.

We did not get many pictures Sunday but here are the few we did take. I hope you had a great Sunday. Thanks for reading.


Kelly Jo loaded up in Sis. Kim's car and sitting in a car seat sucking her thumb. She is a nut but she is my nut!

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