Thursday, September 11, 2014

A Crashing Laptop

There was a terrible crash inside the BoggsMobile this week. The blue screen of death popped up on my laptop Wednesday and now it will not boot up. I was working online through an RV Park wifi when everything went crazy. My screen started flashing random pictures and text and the blue screen flashed and then froze on an empty screen. It flashes briefly every time I try to boot it up. I have tried everything in the set up menu with the same result.

The pictures are backed up on an external hard drive. Most of my preaching files are backed up on an external hard drive. However my Quicken files and mailing list are backed up on the laptop hard drilve. I do not know yet if the laptop is really dead or if the information on it can be recovered if it is. I will have to wait until I am in a big city with an abundance of computer geeks.

The financial information can be pieced together with bank records although it will be a huge headache. The mailing list is a whole other problem. We have many hundreds of addresses stored on there including our address list for Odie's On The Road Again newsletter. This list has the mailing address of every church we have been to the last 12 years. 

It is time to put out a newsletter now but it will be delayed. IF we find that the laptop has really went over the rainbow to see Dorothy and Toto then we will put out a call for mailing addresses. That will be a big process.

Another drawback to not having access to my laptop is the blog. Although we do much of the blog on iPhone and iPad apps there are a few things that are much easier on an actual computer. It is difficult to impossible to clean up fonts and formatting on my mobile devices. Please excuse the sloppy appearance while I sort this out.

We are headed into Millry, Alabama Friday and unless something changes we will have no cell phone signal there. If you need to contact us send an email or maybe a smoke signal. We should have some Internet service so we will try to keep posting here.


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