Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A Schedule Change

The times they are a-changin'

We have another schedule change that I need to tell you about.

Next week we are scheduled to be in tent revival in Richton, Mississippi.  So far that is still on. If you are reading this Pastor Scott Morris you better not get any ideas!

After the tent is down in Richton we had planned to begin our long tour west with a quick trip to Oklahoma. The first stop was scheduled for that Wednesday through Sunday (October 1st-5th) in Blanchard, Oklahoma for Pastor Lendell Birdsong. We are not going to be able go to Blanchard at this time. Bro. Lendell's Dad, Bro. G.W. Birdsong has suffered a stoke and Bro. Lendell, Sis. Cindy and Bro. G.W.'s wife Sis. Fern are his primary care givers.

Bro. Lendell hated to cancel revival but it was the right thing to do. If I was in his shoes I would reluctantly do the very same thing. I have canceled meetings the last few years because of our parent's health issues and I canceled several meetings and rescheduled several more this year due to Odie's eye problems. At times there are circumstances that you can do nothing about and you must roll with the punches. This is one of those times and we completely understand.

Bro. Lendell left the door open to us to preach both services for them on Sunday October 5th and he made it very plain we were very welcome. I would have loved to do so. We love the folks at Blanchard and we are sad to have to bypass them this trip. 

However, I called Bro. Noah Martinez and he was thrilled to move their revival in El Mirage, Oklahoma to begin on October 5th. Bro. Noah told me that God has been really helping the church for the last six weeks and they are ready for revival. We are anticipating a super great move of God at Desert Cove.

So we will be leaving Richton, Mississippi headed for El Mirage, Arizona the week of September 29th. We are excited about seeing our Arizona friends. We have been going there since 2002 and we look forward to it every year. 

Once we arrive in California we have five weeks planned at five churches. It should be a tremendous trip. Of course, if you plan on joining us any where in revival you should probably call before you travel a long distance. Today proves that our schedule is liable to change at any moment. It sure makes life exciting!

As for this week it is getting even better. Last night was awesome. Praise God for His help in Millry, Alabama. Thank you so much for praying for us.


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