Saturday, September 27, 2014

Great Friends and Glasses

Hey y'all! Odie here today in Richton, Mississippi. Today is our final tear down of "The Gospel Tent" for 2014. If the rain holds off we plan to finish taking down the tent about 1:00 today. If it rains before it comes down then that will complicate things for my Dad quite a bit. He needs to get it packed away dry.

It has been a great year. Thank you readers for all your prayers. If you were able to attend a tent revival this season I pray you received help from God. We hope to have some tent revivals in California while we are there but we are leaving our tent in the south for the winter. Some of the folks are trying to buy a tent and Dad has been searching for one to rent a few weeks. We hope it works out.

We have had a marvelous week under the tent!  God has come by and blessed, saved and encouraged!!! We thank God for perfect weather.  It is always a joy to be with Pastor Scott Morris and First Assembly!  

Special thanks to Bro Scott, Sis. Kim, Regan and Rylee for letting me crash at your place this week. I have had a blast making memories with y'all!  Here are a couple crazy pics.  Regan and Rylee know how to make me laugh!

Making fall decorations 

Pickles are a Richton revival must have for us girls. 

I love these two girls so much!

I ordered two new pairs of glasses and they came in the mail at home last week. Uncle Steve forwarded our mail to us and I received my new glasses on Monday. I am pretty pleased with them.

The black pair of glasses 

Brown pair of glasses 


Have a good weekend!!


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