Monday, September 15, 2014

First Day of Tent Revival in Millry, Alabama

The first day of tent revival in Millry, Alabama was incredible. We had two great services and a lot of interest from the community. Praise God for His help. I am expecting some of those folks under the tent befor the week is over.

This is very early Sunday. It was 66 degrees and a little windy when I took these pictures. I had my hat and vest on.

But it warmed up to a slow simmer after the sun came out. Two times preaching under the tent and melting completely down in the heat drained me quite a bit. I felt like somebody had whipped up on me by the time I drug myself into the BoggsMobile Sunday night. It is mid morning Moday now and I am ready to preach again! I love tent revival!

I hope you enjoy the tent revival in pictures.


Odie is ready to go Sunday morning.

Davy and Pastor Lamar Chapman Sunday afternoon.

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