Sunday, September 14, 2014

View Out The Front Window September 14, 2014

It was a great day Saturday and we are looking for a great day today under the tent in Millry. We are having service this morning at10:30 and tonight at 6:00. I am excited. Pastor Lamar Chapman and his folks at Midway have been preparing for tent revival and other churches in the area seem to be excited as well. This is going to be a super week.

We changed our view quite a few times this week. We started in Virginia. 

Then we traveled Tuesday and spent Tuesday night and Wednesday night in a campground. 

Front Window

Front door

We traveled Thursday and spent Thursday night in a truck stop. 

Front window

Front door

This us our view the next several nights in Millry, Alabama. 

Front window

Front door

Tomorrow we should have pictures from tent revial here in Millry. 

Thanks for tuning in. 


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