Saturday, September 13, 2014

Look Who Found Us On The Road

Hello my wonderful friends. This is Odie again. I am writing this on Thursday for Dad to post Saturday if we have any signal. We took the tent down Monday evening and traveled Tuesday and Thursday and plan to finish up on Friday.

On Saturday the tent will go up in Millry, Alabama by God's grace. Last year in Millry we had absolutely NO phone signal.  Please pray for me!!  We may have limited wifi. So email might be our form of communication this week. 

We are anticipating a great move of God in Millry.  Last year was hampered by weather but we had wonderful services. Keep us in your prayers. We are praying for clear weather so the Gospel message can be proclaimed and heard.

Tuesday night Dad got a call from Bro. Kenny Morris. We were traveling in different directions through the same city.  Before we passed each other we stopped for a great meal and visit on Wednesday. It was a marvelous time of fellowship with our dear friends!

I love Bro. Kenny and Sis. Joan Morris. Faithful readers know we have been adopted into the Morris bunch. It was wonderful to see part of our Mississippi family!  

In our travels we are blessed to have met many men and women of God. Sometimes you think it might be a "chance" meeting.  Later down the road I look back and see God's guidance in the situation. 

In the summer of 2005 we were scheduled to sing at Paw Creek Ministries campmeeting for the second year. The night speaker was Bro. Kenny Morris and it was our first time to meet him. We quickly formed a bond with Bro. Kenny that week. He told me then, "You will love my family, and they will love you." He was right!!  In 2006 we started meeting the rest of the crew and our bond with the whole family has continued to grow to this day

That "chance" meeting was the providence of God. Thank you Lord for leading us to the Morris family!

We love all you Morris people!  We will see the rest of you soon. 

Have a great weekend!


Note from Davy Saturday morning:
We did make it into Millry Friday and the AT&T cell signal is just as bad as we remembered. That is to say completely and absolutely nonexistent!!! We do have some Verizon based internet signal so we should be able to send and receive email and post here. We will not have it turned on most of the time so if we do not answer an email right away that is why.

It was hot and humid when we arrived Friday and Kelly Jo and I just about melted while trying to get the BoggsMobile and tent trailer situated. Hopefully, all goes well today and we get finished before the heat of the day. Thanks for always praying for us.


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