Sunday, September 21, 2014

View Out The Front Window September 21, 2015

Here is the view we had all last week in Millry, Alabama. These pictures are going to remind us for long time of the blessings from God we received in Millry under the Gospel Tent. Wow! Pastor Lamar Chapman and his folks and all the churches in the Millry area worked so hard and God honored them for it by sending revival. They all  treated us so well. It was a wonderful week. 

Out the front window.

Out the front door.

We took the tent down Friday night after a great service. We had moved the BoggsMobile Friday afternoon to the pavement.

So after the tent was down, loaded and strapped in Bro. Hunter moved the trailer to the road. Kelly Jo backed the bus into place and we hooked up and hit the road. Pastor Scott Morris and some from his church came to tent revival in Millry Friday night. Bro. Scott helped take everything down and then rode back to Richton with us. They helped us get the trailer and the bus parked in Richton. By the time we parted company it was 1:00 Saturday morning and it was time to set up the tent in Richton in just a few hours.

Honestly I felt about half dead after preaching hard all week, taking down the tent, driving to Richton and parking the bus. I was awake early but had to drag myself to the front of the bus. I raised the window shade to look outside where the tent was going to go up and felt a rush of excitement about tent revival. I did not plan it or work it up. The excitement was there from deep within. This is going to be another great week.

A few hours later and the tent was ready to go.

The tent is now up and we anticipating revival in the city park in Richton, Mississippi.

Here is our view for this week.

Out the Front Window.

Out the front door.

And the BoggsMobile and Green Machine Saturday evening in Richton, Mississippi.

We begin this morning in the church and move to the tent tomorrow evening. Thanks for praying for us.


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