Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tent Revival and Set Up

We had storms in the area Monday night but thankfully we were able to have church. Some of the communities close by were receiving an abundance of rain but not here. We had some lightning and thunder in the distance but nothing at all up close. We had a great crowd and a tremendous service. Thank God for His help. He is reaching for Millry, Alabama and they are responding. It is getting gooder and gooder!

If you are any where close by please come to Millry and join us in revival under the Gospel tent. We plan to be here through Friday night and then start in Richton, Mississippi on Sunday.

The Tent Set Up Saturday

The tent went up fine on Saturday. It rained most of the night and was raining lightly when I went out early Saturday morning. By the time the church folks came at 8:00 the rain had stopped and the temperature was perfect for setting up the tent. We had a great group of workers and all the hard stuff was over quickly.

In April 2013 we set up on this same lot. It rained something fierce that week and we ended up with water standing in puddles under the tent. These two pictures are from last year. 

We are on the higher part of the lot this year. We are right among the three trees in the above pictures. 

Here is the tent site before we set up Saturday looking from the other direction. 

And after. 

Pastor Scott Morris drove over from Richton to help with the set up. He received an emergency call as he was arriving so he was not able to stay. I appreciate his effort to help us. We will be setting up in Richton next Saturday by God's grace and he can work to his hearts content then.

Look at this big group of hard workers.

Friday evening Bro. Carl Hunter came to pull the tent trailer in place. The ground was so soupy that the trailer sunk. After everything was unloaded and the tent was up he hooked back up and another truck winch his truck and the trailer to solid ground. 

Here is where it was. 

Now it is in place next to the tent. 

Since it was raining early and the ground was soft Odie decided to stay inside today. She usually takes most of the pictures while the tent is going up. Thankfully Sis. Tonya Chapman took these next several pictures and shared them with us. 

Thanks for reading.


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