Thursday, September 18, 2014

Wednesday Night Blessing

Be sure to read yesterday's post concerning our schedule change in the next few weeks.

Hallelujah! What A Night!

Wednesday night was a night to remember for the Boggs Family when it comes to tent revivals. There were at least six churches in this general area that dismissed their Wednesday night services and joined us and Midway Assembly in tent revival in Millry. I say at least six because I lost track when Pastor Lamar Chapman was recognizing them. I was busy crying and praising God for such a blessing. This is something I have wanted to see for a long time.

I want to see churches bind together in a joint effort to reach the lost that are not coming into our churches. That is the motivation behind our tent revivals in general and City Reach in particular. God let me see the beginning of it right here in Millry, Alabama. This is critical to revival in my opinion and it was glorious to see it come to pass.

For instance the Pastor of a local Methodist church brought his folks Wednesday night. In fact he and his wife have been here every night. He was passionate when he told me last night that he is willing to do whatever it takes to see people saved. He is 100% on board for tent revival. I love that.

Other area Pastors have been here every night but Sunday too. Some of the members that attend other churches have been here every night and seem as excited as I am about tent revival.

I am praying AND working to see this cooperation duplicated in cities and towns all over the USA. We need revival in America. That is plain to see. Our people are nearly bankrupt morally and spiritually. We need people to be touched and changed by the message of the Gospel. But in order for that to happen, people must hear the Gospel.

Churches pulling together in unified effort must be instrumental in declaring the message to the masses. I want to promote that. Can I do it all? No way! But I would be foolish to let that fact prevent me from trying to do my part. God has put it in my heart to try and facilitate as much teamwork in soul winning as I can. The lives that have already been touched and changed this week are inspiration to keep working. 

The Pastors and churches that dismissed last night so they could help with that mission poured gasoline on the fire!

I am fired up! Praise God for His help!


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