Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Update On Nigeria

When Kelly Jo and I were in Nigeria in November of 2013 we took a suitcase full of school supplies to the Good News Christian School in Abeokuta. Bro. Shobanke's daughters Sis. Ruth and Sis. Rebecca run the school of over 100 children. We have believed in and supported the school before it began and with the help of God's people we are continuing that support.

November 2013

Pastor Larry Lamb and his church in Sweeney, Texas purchased most of the school supplies we took over last year. We really did not know what they could use so we took a little of everything. I asked them to let us know which things worked the best. They sent me an email several weeks ago with a list of items they could use

We purchased a few hundred dollars of school supplies and sent them with Bro. David Eldridge on his recent trip to Nigeria. We paid the extra luggage fees for Bro. David but I am so thankful he was willing to lug around a very heavy extra piece of luggage all the way to Africa.

Everything arrived safe and sound and the leadership in the school was glad to receive the gift. I do not have any pictures of them receiving it but here is the picture of 65 lbs.of school supplies stuffed in a piece of luggage and ready to go.

They needed pencils, pens, flashcards for math and reading, dry erase boards, dry erase markers and paper. They had never seen dry erase boards before we took some and they were a big hit. We try to purchase high quality flashcards that are plastic coated because the heat and humidity really takes a toll on paper. And of course we threw in a big bag of suckers too.

I received an email from Sis. Ruth and Sis. Rebecca two days ago expressing their gratitude.

Greetings to you in Jesus name. How are you all and the ministry? We heartily appreciate you for the materials & gifts sent to us. It's really a blessing. We pray God will greatly increase and multiply your family in Jesus name. Thanks so much. RUTH &REBECCA (NIGERIA)

I am extending their thanks and gratitude to you. Without your help we could not do it. God bless you for sharing my burden for Nigeria. I know that most of you will never travel to Nigeria and witness first hand how your money helps the saints there to spread the Gospel message but you give anyway. Thank you for trusting us to distribute those resources to the various needs. It is a responsibility that I take very seriously.

We were also able to send an offering for Pastor Shobanke to use in the church or however he needs to use it and also an offering to help pay Sis. Ruth and Sis. Rebecca's salaries at the school. I also sent a small offering for one of the other Pastors and for Sis. Dorcas. May God bless you for making that possible.

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