Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Richton Revival Report.

We had another tremendous service under the tent last night. We had a man saved and that always is awesome. I love seeing people find the peace and help they need from God. There is nothing like salvation that comes only through Jesus Christ. We are expecting even more in the three nights remaining under the Gospel in Richton.

Jesus Christ is the only way out of the clutches of sin. He not only bore the penalty for sin but He is able to brake the power of sin in our lives. That is what we need desperately in 2014. This world is bound by the power of sin and have no way to be loosed themselves. But if we confess our sins God is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. Praise God.

I have not posted pictures from the tent set up in Richton so I will do that today. Although we had a late night on Friday I was up early and excited about tent revival in Richton on Saturday morning. Bro. Scott helped me lay out the pattern for the stakes and before long the men and women from First Assembly began arriving ready to work.

Here is the trailer in the parking lot where I dropped it Friday night. Bro. Scott hooked the church van to it and moved it into position in the grass  for me.

Before the tent went up...

And After.

This is the third tent revival in a row that the stakes went in the ground without too much trouble. I could definitely get used to that!

Since I am usually very involved in putting up the poles I love it when Odie captures pictures of the tent going up. I never get tired of seeing rise up in the air. It is especially neat when we have two center poles as we do here in Richmond. By God's grace and help I plan to add another section and a third center pole by September  of next year as we gear up for City Reach.

Every tent needs an elephant to help with the set up. Some times you gotta put your weight into it!

This year we had two men up on top of the tent at the same time.

The great set up crew. Some of these folks have help set up the blue and white Gospel tent at least three times so they are really getting good.

I do not know what the difference is but this is one of the best looking tent set ups we have ever had.

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