Thursday, September 25, 2014

City Reach Update - September 25, 2014

We announced City Reach 2016 on the blog here in May and we have been getting a lot of encouragement from readers across the country since then. There is a bunch of excitement about us taking the tent into larger cities and that makes us even more excited. I have been very upfront with friends, Pastors, churches and our readers. I am not able to pull this off. This is too big for me by far. But I know that God is able! The devil says absolutely not but he does not have the final say. I wrote about our doubt, fears and God's answer to that HERE in August.

These four tent revivals the last five weeks have really boosted our faith. God has met with us and helped us in a special way in each of these meetings We have sensed God's direction even clearer than before and have faith to believe that where God is pointing us He is also making the way for us.

New Tent Section

I have been in contact with David Tromsness the owner of Miami Missionary Tent Company in Miami, Oklahoma about purchasing an extra section for our tent specifically for these meetings in larger cities. He can make another 22' section which added to our existing 22' middle and the two ends would make the tent 48'x92'. Or he can make a 48' middle section and we could have 48'x92' with just three pieces and have the ability to go up to 48'x114 if we added the 22' middle we have now. That would give us a lot of flexibility for bigger crowds.

The 22' middle with sidewalls, heavy duty bags for top and sidewall, winch center pole, galvanized steel wall poles, ratchet staps, stakes, fire marshal certificates and repair kit would be $2673. The 48' middle with the accessories including two winch center poles would be $4824.

Both prices are great. I would like to order the extra piece by late spring next year to make sure it is in place by August, 2015 for our kickoff City Reach campaign  in early September in Wichita, Kansas. I would like to order the 44' middle but I will order according to our resources at the time. Just making these plans makes me excited.

200 Extra Chairs

I have also been checking on the price of chairs and they are about the same as we paid for the first 200 chairs in 2012. It looks like they will run between $10-11 each including shipping. These are 8 lb chairs with 800 lb capacity and they have been holding up very well. They take a lot of abuse with outdoor use and even more abuse strapped down in the trailer. I am really pleased with them.

Sound Equipment

We will also be adding two speakers to the sound system to cover the extra width of the tent. We have really been blessed with the way our sound equipment has held up. Every component has continued to perform well even though we use most of it over 300 services per year and dozens of services outside in the heat, humidity, dust and wind. Hopefully that pattern will continue for the next few years although I would not be surprised if some of the existing sound equipment needs replacing before City Reach begins. 


I have not decided definitely how we will haul everything around but I am likely to keep using the trailer I have. I will let you know more when I get around to exploring the options.

Home Missions Project for Churches and Youth Groups

We have been talking to several church about their youth groups using our City Reach Tent Revivals as opportunities for Home Missions. Young folks could help with canvassing and the actual blood, sweat and tears of tent revival and gain valuable experience in the process. We would not want 24 youth groups helping in one city while the others went lacking so we will need to coordinate the effort. If your youth group or families in your church would be willing to travel to a city and help for a week or even two that would be awesome.

Each group would be responsible for their own travel expenses, motels and food. You help with tent set up or take down, pass out flyers, knock on doors, witness in the communities near the tent, prepare the tent and sound system each night, welcome visitors, work in the altars, engage new converts or a thousand other things that will need to be done It could be an incredible and life changing missions project for your young people or anybody in your church for that matter.

If it is something you are interested in have your Pastor or Youth Pastor call or email me and we can make some plans. It is over a year away but we are already hip deep in the planning process.


We have had several churches, Pastors and families tell us they intend to help with the financial load of City Reach. We appreciate that very, very much. As of today, September 25, 2014 we have had $1125 given and that has been set aside strictly for the purpose of City Reach. Every dollar is a blessing and has been given by families that have burden for our family ministry and City Reach 2016. Most of them feel like what they are giving is very small and not all that important but as you can see it is adding up. I pray that God will bless each one that gives for their kindness and generosity.

That pretty much brings you up to date on City Reach. I will write another update in a month or so or as new information becomes available. Thank you so much for praying for us. I know that some of you are praying diligently about this every day. God bless you.


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