Friday, September 19, 2014

Tent Revival In Pictures - Millry, Alabama

We have been getting some inquiries about our revival that was scheduled in Blanchard Oklahoma October 1-5. As I posted HERE Pastor Lendell Birdsong's father Bro. GW had a stroke and they are caught up with all the natural fallout from that and needed to cancel revival. It is absolutely the right thing to do. If you know somebody that was planning to be with us in Blanchard please let them know the revival has been canceled for now.

This week is flying by and we are having a time. We only have the Friday night service remaining and the tent revival in Millry 2015 will be over. It has been so good! I know I say that every week but we are having great revivals under the tent and we are so thankful to God. I can not save one person from sin. I can not heal one person from sickness or disease. I can not deliver one person from the chains, habits and addictions that bind them. I have no power in myself at all. But God is able and willing to do all of that and more in lives AND He has been doing it. It is our great pleasure to witness what God is doing in lives!

By God's grace after church tonight we will take down the tent, pack everything in the trailer and away we will go to Richton, Mississippi as fast as our little feet will carry us. We have plans to put up the tent there Saturday morning and watch God do it all over again.

It has been a joy to work with Pastor Lamar Chapman, Midway Assembly and all the churches in this area that have attended. We look forward to doing it again sometime in the future. 

I hope you enjoy a few pictures from tent revival this week in Millry, Alabama.


Sis. Tonya Chapman took this first picture. I love it!


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