Saturday, May 3, 2014

Travel Day - Sullivan, Missouri to Joplin, Missouri

Friday was a pretty short travel day for us. I let the girls rest a while in the morning and then we left Sullivan, Missouri and pointed the BoggsMobile toward Joplin. 

We only made one stop beside the rest area above and that was near Carthage at Colaw RV Salvage. It is a huge place where I have bought many new and used RV parts in the past but I found nothing I really needed yesterday.

They sell new and used RV's at Colaw but they specialize in stripping totaled RV's and selling the parts. Sometimes they have some super great deals. During our first few months on the road in 2003 we lost a window out of our 1984 Hitchhiker fifth wheel while we were going down the road. We left Louisiana one morning with the window in and arrived in Alabama that afternoon with the window gone. It really was not as strange as it sounds with a 19 year old camper.

I put a piece of Plexiglas in the hole until I could get to Colaw. I told them what I was looking for and they gave me the keys to a golf cart and pointed me to a huge conglomeration of RV windows of every size, shape and type of construction near the back of their property. After about an hour of searching I found one that would work and I was on my way.

No windows Friday just window shopping you might say.

We parked at Flying J in Joplin, Missouri by mid afternoon. We have spent quite a few nights in this Flying J parking lot over the last 12 years. We stopped here because we planned to spend some time with Bro. Kurt McCrorey and his family. Bro. Kurt serves on the board of Boggs Family Ministries and has been my dear friend for many years. It has been way too long since we have spent much time with them.

They are in the process of building a house and we wanted to see that too. They have been living in their RV for quite some time and they are anxious to finish and move in. Bro. Kurt and Sis. Angie found a great deal on a beautiful piece of property south of Joplin and I could not be happier for them.

When things slow down for them and for us we need to spend a few days doing nothing but catching up but until then our few hours together will have to do. We enjoyed it very much and it brought back good memories. We kept them from getting any work done yesterday evening so we appreciate them taking time for us.

If all goes as planned we should arrive in Oklahoma City later today and start tent revival for Mt. Vernon Holiness Church and Pastor Rickey Searcy Sunday morning. They are renting a tent so all I will have to do is set up our PA system and start singing and preaching. I can hardly wait to get to it. 

Thanks for praying for us.


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