Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Raising The Tent In Springville, Indiana

From no tent...

To tent in place just like that!

As always the tent set up with this Tunnel Hill crew was very smooth. These guys show up in good numbers and ready to work. Even though some of their regulars could not help this time there was no cause for alarm. We had plenty of help.

The tent sets on gravel here on the site of the old Springville school. It is hard to avoid the old foundations while driving the stakes but last year we managed to only hit it solid twice. I think we hit it 10-12 times this year. Bro. Lakes brought a huge rotary hammer drill both years from a rental store and that helps a bunch. 

I sold the Bosch Brute Jack Hammer a month or so ago and I have been looking at big hammer drills since then. It is hard to know which one is right without using them but I have found the one I want. The rental place sent at big Bosch 11263EVS 1-3/4-Inch SDS-Max Rotary Hammer. It is the bomb! I ordered one and a long bit today.

After the stakes were in we laid out the plastic on the gravel to protect the tent.

Then the tent pieces are laid out and laced together.

Then the poles and straps are attached.

And up in the air it goes.

Of course we always need some supervision!

What an incredible set up crew!

I upgraded straps this year and this is the first set up using the new straps. These are two inch wide instead of one inch and the ratchets seem to be much stronger. The original straps were failing fast after a couple of dozen set ups and these are a perfect replacement. I am really able to get a good tight set up with these.

Revival is going well and the weather has been good. Thanks for reading.


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