Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Feeling Great To Be Rolling

Hey friends!

Odie here today with an update. I continue to make progress with my vision. I am so very thankful for God's goodness to me!! I am still waiting on more news on  the Neurologist appointment. When ever they schedule my appointment I will travel home then. 

I know we may sound like a broken record, but thank you so much for your support through this time! We are still praying and believing for a complete healing. All your calls, text and emails keep coming in. Thank you for standing in the gap with us. 

It feels great to be rolling down the road again. I am excited about what God has in store for me in the days ahead. I guess I inherited the asphalt in my blood from Dad. My bones just feel it is good to be back on the road. I know I am blessed beyond measure by God. 

I enjoyed our time at home. It's always great to see my family and friends. We preach a few revivals in our home area again next month. So we will be back soon. 

I want to include a few pictures from home I had not posted here. 

The Saturday before Easter my Gran, Papaw and Courtney came to visit me. We had good food and lots of laughs. They cheered me up a lot.

I love staying at Mamaw and Papaw Boggs while home. It is my getaway place. Yes they do spoil me!! I am 28 and I admit I am still spoiled. LOL. Mamaw's yummy cooking draws me in. 

The last few days we were home Dryden Road was in revival. I so enjoyed being there for two services. Monday night it was good to have Victor in church with us.  Victor is my "short stuff" cousin. I am 5' and he is 6'6", makes me feel like a midget. 

It was great to see my friend Shea Meadow last week. Shea is an awesome girl. 

Jacqueline and I had to get a picture with our handsome buddy Drew Meadow. 

Tuesday afternoon my cousin Lisa and I squeezed in some girl time. I love catching up with Lisa and having a good time.

We are having a great time under a tent in Oklahoma City. It is good to be outdoors again. Have a wonderful week!!


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