Saturday, May 24, 2014

Kayla Jo Morgan - Class of 2014 (MMXIV)

A post from Odie: First, Dad wanted me to let you know that we have arrived in Springville, Indiana but AT&T has not. I do not think they have even heard of Springville, Indiana. IF you need to reach us you might try email. We do have a little internet.

July 21st 1996, Kayla Jo Morgan was born. For nearly 18 years she has brightened our lives. Now on Sunday she graduates from Hillsboro High School. Congratulations, Kayla, we are proud of you!

I can not believe another one of my first cousins has completed school. Kayla knows she will always be my baby girl. She has already started her college classes and plans to continue in the fall.

I have an archive of memories of Kayla. Ask me about them when you see me. Here are a few of my favorites. 

When she was little my uncle had his tackle box out. Kayla picked up his "stink bait" acted like she smelled it, then told her sister Courtney it smelled so good. Courtney  wanted to smell, of course it smells the exact opposite of good. As you can tell she is a prankster like my Mother. 

A few years ago Kayla told me she loved her birthday present. She said my favorite Bath and Body Works frangrance is Pea Wee. She meant to say Sweat Pea. 

One more Kayla story and I will quit. Last summer Kayla was typing an email for school. She said,"Odie, where is the Roman Numeral key on the keyboard?"
I really did have to Laugh Out Loud on that one. 

I love my cousin so much!! She is an excellent student. She is a National Honor Society Member. I wish I could be cheering loudly as she receives her diploma Sunday but I will be in Indiana in tent revival. 

Here are some of my favorite pics from the last few years. Have a great Memorial Day weekend. 



She makes me laugh. We always have to take several pics to get a good one.

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  1. I love you guys a lot! Thank you for everything! You guys mean a lot to me, love and miss you a ton! (:
    -Kayla Jo-


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