Friday, May 30, 2014

Tent Revival In Pictures - Springville, Indiana

There has been a change in our short term schedule. Pastor Herman Woods was still in the hospital as of yesterday and will be moving to rehab soon. We were supposed to start Homecoming Revival with them in Tennessee on Wednesday  but we have decided it is best to cancel for now. We will still be making the trip to Tennessee on Monday by God's grace because I have an appointment to have some important work completed on the BoggsMobile Tuesday and Wednesday. Please, please pray for Pastor Herman Woods and Sis. Margaret.

We have been having a wonderful tent revival in Springville, Indiana. The last two nights God has been reaching for folks and bring them to himself. Wednesday night a backslider came and prayed through. Thursday night the Lord spoke to a woman driving by and told her that if she would stop, He would save her. She stopped and God did! It was awesome.

Although it has been warmish and humid the weather has not really been bad at all. There has been rain and even storms in the forecast a few nights at service time but we have had no rain during service. There really has not been much rain at other times either. I am thankful for that. I am praying it stays dry today so we can get the tent down tonight.

Speaking of tonight, we are expecting God to save some more folks under the Blue and White Gospel Tent in a few hours. Please keep praying that He will work His will and wonder in many lives.

Now I will let the pictures do the rest of the talking.


Sis. Lakes put me on a diet with the small fork!

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  1. Good to see Brother Joe Roberts. Really miss seeing him at the CPT May meeting.

    Well now...If you have a couple of days free you could come visit us Hillbillys at JHPC!



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