Thursday, May 1, 2014

It Is Time To Roll!

Odie is much improved from where she was ten days ago when God began to give us victory in this. Although the vision in her affected eye is not 100%, we are praising God for His help. She can now see how many fingers somebody is holding up from over 20 feet away! She could not see that from 2 inches for over nine days. 

God has given Odie a miracle and we will not stop giving Him credit and praising Him for it. Thank you so much for praying for us. We have been overwhelmed with your kindness and compassion. Please continue to pray for complete healing. We would love for Odie's eyes to see better than ever. Wouldn't that be just like our God?

It is time to roll our wheels and I can feel it in my bones. We have really enjoyed our time at home but we are called to "go" and it is time to put that calling into motion. God has really helped us during this forced down time. I think I mentioned earlier that I am usually pretty stir crazy after three or four days at home. We love our family and we love spending time with them. We love our home church and we could quickly get used to being there every service. But I am called to be an evangelist and I can not stay still forever.

Bro. Bennie told me years ago that I have asphalt in my blood and I suppose it is true. I come home, visit and hug our family, eat some Acapulco, go to Dryden Rd for some fellowship and spiritual recharging and then I am ready to go again. When I am forced to stay at home without being in revival I get antsy pretty quickly. Although our home church and probably even our families will never completely understand what drives us, they love us unconditionally. They always pray for us while we are gone and love on us while we are home.

We arrived in Ohio two weeks ago yesterday. Kelly Jo and Odie arrived in the early morning hours and I arrived late that evening. We felt like it was best to cancel our next revival and try to get Odie some help for her medical emergency. That's what I decided to do and I knew it was the right thing to do. That does not mean that I thought it would be easy. I expected I would be climbing the walls by the first weekend. Even with doctor appointments, bus projects, family time and church I know how restless I can be.

But God has really, really helped me. We have had doctors appointments. We have had several good visits with family. I have spent several hours on bus projects. We have been to our home church and enjoyed it very much. We have had several invitations to preach and I appreciate that. But none of that is usually enough to keep me calm. I believe God has helped me. While He has been helping Odie He has been helping me too. I have genuinely enjoyed every day of the last two weeks.

It has been stressful but relaxing. It has been challenging but refreshing. It has been a nerve wracking battle but it has been a faith inducing victory as well. We have felt the enemy of our souls pressing us but we have felt the God of our salvation blessing us. Even though we have not rested much physically we feel prepared for the demands of our summer schedule. 

Praise God for His help while we have been home.

Yet it is time to climb back in the saddle and ride. I feel our first tent revival pulling me to Oklahoma City. I know I am called to be an evangelist and an evangelist must go. I am anxious to preach to the people of Oklahoma City, Wichita, Kansas, Omaha, Nebraska and Springville, Indiana. I am ready to roll.

Home has been good and fun though.

My Mother prepared a super great meal Tuesday evening before church. It was so good!

Bro. David and Sis. Karen Noe are preaching revival in Maineville this week and they met us, my parents and my bother Steve at Acapulco for lunch Wednesday. They are always great fun to be around. It was wonderful to spend a little time with them.

Tuesday my Dad helped me put the batteries back in the trailer and then we pulled it to the church with his truck. A family friend allowed me to store it at his business since Christmas and it was in perfect shape when I went to pick it up.

Wednesday I checked the air in the tires and then organized a bunch of the stuff to make it ready to ride and to be better prepared for the first time we use it in Springville, Indiana in just a few weeks. As I mentioned yesterday, we plan to drop the tent trailer at a church along the route in Indiana and then pick it up on our way back through.

We loaded the Green Machine in the trailer for the first time this year Wednesday evening. We will let the Green Machine rest a few hours this morning and then it will push us the rest of the way to Oklahoma.

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