Monday, May 5, 2014

First Night of Tent Revival In Oklahoma City

Saturday we finished the trip to Oklahoma City. It is not much over 200 miles from Joplin to OKC and it was a beautiful day to travel. It was pretty windy but not near as windy as it had been on Thursday and Friday. We did fuel up at Flying J before we left Joplin and then paid about $35 in tolls for the privilege of driving on Oklahoma roads so it was a pretty pricey day. It is just a part of doing the work of an evangelist, I guess.

Once we arrived there was not much for us to do. The Mt. Vernon Church rented a tent that fits perfectly on their side lot so we had nothing to do but go to Chelino's for some of my favorite Mexican food and hang our cords for the sound system. That is exactly what we did.

Although I love the food at Chelino's I do not care for the salsa at all. It tastes like fresh tomato juice. I will stick with the awesome salsa from Acapulco! The food was excellent though.

After we finished hanging the cords and visiting with some of the folks, Bro. and Sis. Searcy took us to Cheddar's and we had a very nice meal and fellowship.

Sunday started early for me as it usually does during tent revival and I was out under the tent as the sun was coming up. I knew the Lord was going to help us here as I walked and prayed around that tent. I can not tell you how excited I am to be singing and preaching again in the open air.

As we began to set up and the people began to gather in I could hardly wait to get started with the services. We two great services with visitors and folks listening in all around the neighborhood. Thank God that He is reaching for men and women that need Him. His grace and mercy toward us is amazing. I am expecting several folks from this community to be touched by the presence of the Lord this week.

Thank you for praying for us. Please keep it up. We are expecting a complete healing for Odie. Enjoy the pictures.


It was a little warm as we started church Sunday evening but with the wind it was a perfect night for service under the tent. The humidity was very low and even though I preached with my suit coat on I did not get hot at all. After church and fellowship we sat outside for over an hour enjoying the beautiful evening.

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