Saturday, May 31, 2014

A Few iPhone Pictures From Omaha Zoo

Hey friends, Odie here today. I hope you are doing great. We had a wonderful week in Springville, Indiana. The tent revival was great. God moved every night in a special way!  I love church under the "Blue and White Gospel Tent"! Rain was forecast nearly everyday. Praise God it never rained during service. The weather was great!

The tent is now down and we should be on our way shortly. I am sure Dad will have a lot to say later about the last night of tent revival and the way the Tunnel Hill folks worked so hard.

Last Wednesday in Omaha, Nebraska Sis. Alma DiMinico took me and Mom to the zoo. We had a good time. If you need something to do in Omaha I recommend the zoo. It is on the top 10 list of zoos in the nation. 

Usually on our zoo days the weather is HOT!! It seems like it has been a rule in our family to only go to the zoo if it is at least 100 degrees outside.  Last week the weather was perfect!  

We like to take pictures at the zoo with the big camera. Mom handled the camera last week, and she got some great shots. I tried to upload them for a post, but our wifi signal is slow. I will try it get them up next week some time. I took very few pictures with my iPhone. The first picture below is from the Cannon and the rest are with the iPhone. 

Sis. Alma is a superb tour guide, she knew the zoo like the back of her hand. We had a great time visiting with her! Thanks, Sis. Alma, for taking the time off work to be with us.  Lunch in downtown Omaha was excellent. I failed to take pics to prove it. 

I want to thank you all again for your continued prayers. I feel like my eye sight is 85-90% better. I am still thanking God for my miracle and rebuking the devil from my life. I do have two appointments the middle and end of June. I am believing for good reports from both doctors!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend. May God Bless all of you in church tomorrow. 


Mutual of Omaha building

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