Monday, May 12, 2014

Travel Day and Revival In Wichita

Saturday was a travel day but we did not have far to go so we were not in a hurry to get rolling. We visited a while with Bro. and Sis. Searcy and then Bro. Mitch and Sis. Lynn Boggs came by for a few minutes before they went home to Missouri. They had come down for church Friday night with four of their boys and we sure enjoyed their fellowship. 

It was after noon by the time we got every ready to go, the car hooked up and we started north toward Wichita. We only made three stops. We stopped once for a break at a rest area on the Kansas turnpike and twice at Kansas toll booths. 

In less than 170 miles we were pulling into Bethany Revival Center in our old home town of Wichita. The "new" church desperately needed new approaches from the road when Pastor DiZazzo bought it but they had much more pressing needs at the time. Last year we had to come in through the alley. We came in pretty easy but we barely got out. I do mean barely.

This year we were able to come in via one of their brand new approaches. We did not even have to disconnect the car before going in. That was nice. Thank you, Bro. John and all the folks at Bethany.

We were parked in a few minutes and had everything hooked up, the bugs washed off the front of the BoggsMobile and the road grime washed off the Green Machine.

After setting things in order inside, Kelly Jo ran down a couple of blocks and bought some tacos from a taco truck. They were absolutely fantastic! I perceive we may eat a few more of these tacos this week. This is our kind of food.

We cranked up revival with two services Sunday and it was a joy to do so. We met these folks when we were pastoring in Wichita from 1999 - Jan. 2003 and Pastor DiZazzo invited us to preach our first revival during the summer of 2003. They have been kind to invite us back every year and they have become very dear friends. We have shared a lot of joy and tears through the years and we always experience great blessings during revival.

Bro. and Sis. DiZazzo

We had a first time visitor Sunday morning and he prayed during the altar service. That is a good start to revival and we are expecting many folks to pray for salvation this week and for the saints to be encouraged. We took a few pictures but I am sure we will have many more toward the end of the week. I plan to post several pictures from revival in Oklahoma City tomorrow.

If I have a chance to type it up I hope to have a special post concerning some future plans on Wednesday. I have some special announcements to make that we are pretty excited about. I have been talking to friends, Pastors and advisers about these plans and I think it is time to lay it all out for you here. I believe God wants to reach many souls in these last days with the message of the Gospel and I certainly want to be right in the middle of that if God will allow it.

Thanks for praying for us and thanks for reading.


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