Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Vintage View Vednesday Vacation 2012 Part V

 In today's Vintage View Vedneday we are continuing with pictures from our vacation in 2012. Here are links to the previous posts.

KJo and I were loving every moment in the Mediterranean Sea and we were excited to experience all that we could. After Barcelona our next stop was France. We had flown through France a few times, even staying in a Paris hotel on one of those trips, but we were always rushing through to Africa or to home. This was our first time to hit the ground exploring a bit.

We have some pictures today of our day in Toulon, France, but first a few pictures of ship life and food!

We ate a few things while walking around, but stopped for lunch at a little place on a pier. These kabobs were amazing!

There is a funny story relating to my sunglasses. 

The day was so bright and I had no sunglasses with me. My eyes were hurting from the strain. While walking through a shaded area of an outdoor market, I found these sunglasses for a few euros.

We walked quite a way down before stepping back into the sun and the sunlight revealed that the glasses I purchased were horrible. They were so blurry, that I could not see. In the shade, they were fine. In the sun, they were unusable.

We walked back to the guy in the market and told him the sunglasses were no good. He refused to even look my way. I suppose he thought if he ignored me, I would give up and go away. I started picking up pairs of glasses and walking several feet out into the sun. 

Well, that got his attention and he started yelling at me in French. I do not know what he was saying, but I knew he thought I was going to walk away with two pairs of glasses. Once I found a good pair that passed the sun test, I walked back with a big smile on my face and put the bad pair in his hands.

He started to protest, but relented as we turned a walked away. I was very kind to him, but I did not even turn around as we walked away.😎

KJo found a boat or two.😁

We saw a Subway and went inside to check it out. We ate a couple of mini-subs for one Euro.

Thank you for reading Mile Markers today. I hope you enjoyed our Vintage View Vednesday.


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