Monday, October 12, 2020

What's Up, Weekend? 10/12/2020

We recorded three clips of music while in Mississippi and I posted one a few days ago.

Our weekend post begins after church Wednesday night in London, Kentucky. With help from some of the men at First Pentecostal, we had everything loaded up and ready to ride before 10:00 PM and away we went. We had zero problems or slowdowns on the way home and we pulled into the Lazy OD Ranch at 1:30 AM. Yay!

Thursday morning we unloaded the Green Machine from the trailer, moved some sound equipment from the trailer to the car and BoggsMobile, transferred some more sound equipment from the barn to the bus, hooked the trailer to Dad's truck, put the trailer in the barn, flipped the bus around in the drive and hooked up the car. Whew!

Yeah, Thursday morning was a little busy, but my Dad and Mom helped us get it all completed.

The last task was eating takeout from Acapulco's in Odie's house.

We left at 1:20 PM just short of 12 hours after arriving. We drove 7 1/2 hours and landed at Flying J in Sullivan, Missouri after 442 miles. We were shocked to find the RV spaces completely open, but we were relieved that we could get parked.

I am very glad to report that we did not have any trouble at all during Thursday's travel time. Praise God!

Friday morning only had 142 miles to finish our journey to Junction Hill Pentecostal Church in West Plains, Missouri. Our only stop was a fuel stop in Cuba, with no Castro in sight.

We arrived by 12:20, parked, loaded in and set up by a few minutes after 3:00. At 7:00, Bro. Galiher was cranking up the first night of revival. It is great to be back at Junction Hill with our long time friends!

We filmed a few minutes of soundcheck.

We had three more great services over the weekend at Junction Hill, plus great meals, wonderful fellowship and even a birthday celebration for Odie, Autumn and Adrianne. Where? Mexican of course!

We will have even more pictures on Friday during Revival In Pictures, but here are three more to round out the weekend.

We are scheduled to be here through Wednesday night before we move over to Oklahoma. It seems the time is flying by, but we are trying to make the most of each and every day.

Thank you for joining us on Mile Markers.


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