Thursday, October 8, 2020

Good Thing Diesel is Cheap Right Now!

I am preparing this post on Wednesday evening before church, for publishing Thursday morning and soon you will know why. 

Tonight is our last night of revival at London First Pentecostal and we are looking forward to watching the Lord work once again. We have been having a wonderful time each night with Pastor Vernon Jarvis and his church and we expect great things on this last night.

The BoggsMobile is already hooked up to the tent trailer and the Green Machine is loaded and strapped in the trailer. 

After church tonight we will load the sound stuff in the bus and we will be ready to roll by God's grace.

Once we leave London, we need to be in place to begin revival at Junction Hill Pentecostal Church near West Plains, Missouri by Friday evening. That is about 506 miles from here. Normally, we would make most of the drive Thursday and then finish the last small leg on Friday.

However, it seems that we can not do anything normal these days. It is 2020 after all.😁 Ah, that is not a legitimate excuse, we always seem to find a way to follow the long way around.🤣

When we left Ohio in mid-August, we had two tent revivals and the outdoor revival in Richton on the schedule. We left home prepared for those meetings, pulling the tent trailer behind us.

By the time we finished in Virginia two and a half weeks later, the tent revivals had either postponed or converted to a church revival. In each instance, it was the correct decision and we agreed wholeheartedly. 

Those changes meant that I did not have to pull the trailer for 2000+ miles and go through the difficulty of wiggling in and out of churches or finding alternative places to park the tent trailer multiple times.

Jeff Rowe from East Tennessee Luxury coach allowed me to leave the tent trailer behind and that saved me a bunch of pulling, a boatload of aggravation and at least three miles per gallon in diesel.  All those things are part of having tent revivals and worth it, but if there are no tent revivals, the trailer becomes unnecessary baggage.

I really need to get the trailer home, plus I need to shuffle some sound equipment between the bus and trailer for a project I will tell you about in the future. That is why I picked it up Saturday from Vonore, Tennessee and why we are not going directly from Kentucky to Junction Hill.

Tonight after church or very early Thursday morning, I plan to go north instead of west and pedal as fast as I can to the Lazy OD Ranch in Ohio. We will drop the trailer, shuffle some equipment, wave at everyone, MAYBE, HOPEFULLY, drink some salsa and then move west quickly.

That turns a 506 mile journey into an 800 mile journey. Oh well, like I said, good thing diesel is cheap right now!

Please, please, please pray that God will give us grace and mercy to complete this trip safely and with no problems. I really do not try to find ways to complicate things. These are just some of the contortions we have to go through to get the job done. You have the same things in your life. It is part of the ride, right?

Thank you for stopping by today. Tomorrow is Revival In Pictures!


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