Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Vintage View Vednesday 2012 Vacation Part III

In today's Vintage View Vedneday we are continuing with pictures from our vacation in 2012.

We left the Canary Islands and spent a day or two at sea and sailed by the Rock of Gibraltar into the western end of the Mediterranean Sea. It was an awesome sight to see. It is only 7.7 miles from Africa to Europe at the narrowest point.

The red circle is the Strait of Gibraltar and the blue circle is Palma De Mallorca.

We loved Palma de Mallorca which is a city on Majorca Island, part of the Balearic Islands that belongs to Spain. Palma de Mallorca is where KJo and I developed our preferred way to explore and a foreign city when we only have one day.

We start walking through neighborhoods and exploring, finding things off the tourist path and discovering little places to eat and explore. When we are walked out, we catch a tourist bus and get a glimpse of various parts of the city until we find another area we would like to explore.

Palma de Mallorca was incredible! We walked through miles of tiny streets that spun a web that was totally confusing. I have a good sense of direction, but when streets end in brick walls, the correct direction is suddenly wrong. We had a wonderful time wandering around.

We love to visit the little out of the way restaurants that are not expecting tourists from the ships and we look for opportunities to have conversation and possibly minister to someone that we would never in the world meet otherwise. We have had some interesting encounters in that way.

A year before this, I had never heard of Palma de Mallorca, but it is definitely on our list of places to return in the future.

I hope you enjoy Vintage View Vednesday from our vacation in 2012.

Our first glimpse of "The Rock"

Wow! I love these pictures! Thank you for joining Vintage View Vednesday today.



  1. High-Time for another safe trip to Palma de Mallorca & Prayers shall always take care of it !~!


    1. Amen! We are ready to travel!

      Good to hear from you, friend.



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